When I was younger, a story was all about plot and movement. It was entertainment in the way that a popcorn movie flows or a child’s cartoon moves. And as a result, I would write things plot-first. Characterization,  development, and interaction just happened, if it happened at all, within the confines of the plot.

Yet, the more I grow, read, and write, the less enthused I am about writing plot. I’ve been slowly shifting into putting character, first, but the result is often a meandering, amorphous blob of writing without a sense of purpose.

Still seeking that perfect blend.

What’s more important, story or character?  Does the genre or type of story depend on one being more weighty than the other?  On a related note, I find it interesting that most science fiction focuses on plot, while fantasy focuses on character development.  At least, classically–or perhaps, I’ve just been reading too much Asimov again.

Plot vs. Character

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