Sometimes I feel compelled to write things that are, best described, as loosely based in reality. I feel more comfortable including the fantastic or phantasmagoric in my writing, and while I am sure some psychologist can explain why I have these compulsions in greater detail, I consciously do so because it interests me. I’m a pretty logical guy, who sees the universe as one defined and dependent on natural law. Physics, chemistry, etc. But I am also a Romantic at heart, and love that I can violate and undermine these laws in the things I write. Perhaps it was a diet of Stephen King and Tolkien that shaped this drive. Or the discovery of Magical Realism as a young adult that helped strengthen the interest. But if there is one thing that fiction can do that movies, video games, and art cannot succeed as well in, is the ability to create complex worlds guided by their own physical laws.

So that is where I am going now with my new story. Talking bundles of wood, vivid dreams that have an effect on the real world, and characters driven by other experiences that we’d see as delusional can exist and have their own internal working logics.


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