I had always planned on continuing the story of the characters from The Shadows At Their Feet, and after several months since the final draft of part one, its time to officially work on part two.

So this is how it is going to work: each part is related to the other but with a different tone and different points of view. Part one is about the artist and the girl, part two is about Adeline. Part three is also planned, but I won’t discuss it until I get there.

What’s in store for part two? Adeline has her own set of secrets and challenges to face, and while not the most interesting character in part one, I’m gonna make her shine in part two. The story will continue to work in the realm of “Magical Realism” or “Modern Fairytale” but with stories like Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White as a guide than the hero’s journey of the Artist.

Why Adeline?  I’ve always been fascinated with characters and points of view. We often only get to view someone in one dimension, especially in stories, and I like to see if there is more. Everyone has wants, needs, strengths, weaknesses, and I want the challenge of turning someone defined by others or physical description into a 3-dimensional character. When I created Adeline—the first character I actually named in part one’s earliest draft—she was a device to move plot and direct other characters. I want there to be more. I named her. She deserves more depth because she has a name. Alejandro got a name and depth. Adeline remained a shell.

Not anymore.

The Shadows At Their Feet – Part Two

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